Solid Waste and Solidification

RPA’s “know how” on how to achieve low cost and low liability solidification type processing of hazardous solid and slurry wastes is very extensive and is based on experience and data from most of the countries in the world where the technique has been used, right from the earliest commercial applications in Europe, UK and USA.

A particular feature of RPA’s involvement has been the research into the mechanisms of break down and of reduced performance within the many failures and poor performances that have been reported. As a result, RPA has a unique knowledge as to how to design and control the necessary processing and materials placing steps such that the failure mechanisms and the other causes of poor performance can be prevented.

RPA also has considerable experience in designing efficient waste bulking and transfer stations for municipal and hazardous solid waste systems. Such integrated facilities address issues of odour, spillages, leachates from compaction and vehicle management.


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