Odour & Emissions Abatement

General Containment and Control of Emissions

RPA have designed a number of innovative systems for odour and emission abatement. RPA specialise in integrating their systems with existing infrastructure to obtain maximum benefit for least overall cost. Consequently, many of the examples of RPA's experience in this sector are to be found as integral parts of the various projects which are described in the other parts of the web site.

Many of these examples relate to waste and effluent processing and the associated ventilation requirements for the necessary fume and odour containments / enclosures which were provided for these installations.

In all their designs, RPA have focused on the integration of local extract ventilation with the process function in that area in such a way that the process function is not impeded.

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However, links to numerous other case study examples can be found within the sections: engineering services, integrated industrial waste management and waste water treatment.





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