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Cement Kiln Secondary Liquid Fuel Facility (UK)

We were introduced to the project to comment on the HazOp study that had been carried out on outline designs prepared by others. As a result, we were engaged to carry out the detailed design and manage the installation, commissioning, start up and operator training.

This involved a full-time site presence and close liaison with the main works staff to ensure minimal interruption to the main production process. The installed equipment gives the Client the ability to unload, store and supply to the kiln burner a blended secondary liquid fuel (SLF). Both the highly flammable nature of the fuel and proper environmental security required extensive safety measures and carefully trained operators.

Key features of the installation were:

  • Automatic and manual safety interlocks, with SCADA control and PLC.
  • Nitrogen blanketing to the main storage tank, supplied by an on-site generator.
  • A burner feed and safety system capable of handling fuel with widely varying viscosity, solids content and debris content.
  • A back-up gas oil supply system to the burner.
  • Vapour recovery system to reduce emissions, together with an activated carbon filter on the system vent.
  • Facility to double the storage capacity of the plant, with minimal down time on the kiln.
  • Containment systems to protect against spillage.
  • Environmental monitoring points to enable ongoing monitoring of the integrity of the containment.
  • Integrated operating, environmental control and safety systems, with multiple levels of back-up. These met with Regulatory Authority approval without amendment.
The plant was regarded as "state of the art" particularly as regards its inherent safety in the event of a power outage or kiln upset and has received favourable comments both from Regulatory Authorities and representatives of reputable operating companies. Following commissioning, the plant achieved levels of utilisation well in excess of the original specification, much to the satisfaction of our Client. As a result of this success, RPA are continuing to assist the same Client with the implementation of similar infrastructures and other projects at four of its other sites.

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